Updated Articles

  1.  How does a land value tax work in predominantly rural areas?

    In spring 2019, we dedicated a week of content to discuss the land value tax: a tax that is assessed on the value of a piece of land, rather than the value of the buildings that sit on it. Under a land tax, you are effectively taxed on the value of ...
  2. Why is Master-Planned Development Less Financially Resilient?

    There are two aspects to the Strong Towns critique of America's suburban experiment —the prevailing model of development that we, as a country, embraced in the years following World War II, and that still predominates today. One critique...
  3. What is the right density for a Strong Town?

    What is the right density for a Strong Town? Think about the most common terms you hear in city planning. Near the top of the list is one that likely comes to mind: density . People often use the term density to reinforce various points. A housi...
  4. How do I start an import-replacement trend in my neighborhood?

    Learn the best way to start an import-replacement trend in your neighborhood.
  5. How can I encourage city leaders to not widen a neighborhood street for cut-through traffic?

    Learn the information you need to encourage city leaders not to widen your neighborhood street.
  6. How do I pitch gradual upzoning to my city as a housing affordability strategy?

    Learn the best way to pitch zoning deregulation and gradual upzoning to your council members.
  7. How can I build a coalition of strong citizens in my town?

    Learn how to find like-minded people near you and build a tribe of people who care.
  8. Where do I find research that supports grassroots community engagement and its benefits to community empowerment and community building?

    Find the best resources that support grassroots community engagement.
  9. Why are building setbacks sometimes undesirable?

    Learn why building setbacks are sometimes undesirable.
  10. How do I convince my city to remove a car lane for a dedicated bike lane?

    Learn how to encourage your city to remove car lanes for dedicated bike lanes.

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