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  1. Is TIF always bad?

    Learn why tax increment financing (TIF) may not be the best funding strategy for your city.
  2. How can I show my fire department that their operations don't or shouldn't require wide lanes?

    Learn the best strategies for helping your fire department understand they don't need wide lanes.
  3. How do I convince my city to remove a car lane for a dedicated bike lane?

    Learn how to encourage your city to remove car lanes for dedicated bike lanes.
  4. How can I show business owners that less parking spaces won't hurt their business?

    Learn how to show business owners that they don't need so much parking.
  5. How can downtowns in disinvested, midsize cities incentivize retail again? What are some cities that have successfully done this?

    Learn how your city or town can encourage retail in its downtown.
  6. Why are narrow streets safer?

    Learn why narrow streets create a safer environment for everyone, whether they choose to walk, bike, or drive.
  7. How it Works

    Learn how to make the most out of the Strong Towns knowledge base.
  8. How do I pitch the idea of rezoning residential neighborhoods to allow limited commerce to my city council?

    Learn the best strategies for getting city council to rezone residential neighborhoods for limited commerce.
  9. How do I talk to my council members about slowing the cars?

    Learn the best strategies for encouraging your council members to slow down cars.
  10. Why should my city not widen a highway?

    Learn why widening highways will not alleviate congestion in your city or town.

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