How would a strong town rebuild after a natural disaster?

After Santa Rosa, California sustained several damage from wildfires in 2017, several Strong Towns members raised the question, "How do we rebuild according to Strong Towns principles?" And equally important, "How do we have that conversation with our communities?"

In this video, Strong Towns president and founder Chuck Marohn shares a few insights in response to that question—which arose again in 2018 with the fallout of fires in California and the catastrophic Hurricane Michael in Florida. This discussion includes:

  • What did cities in Germany do after they were leveled in World War II?
  • Why does that same approach not apply in the United States?
  • What if the whole community was built in a fundamentally insolvent, unsustainable way to begin with? What does "rebuild" mean then?
  • How an individual might respond to such a tragedy, versus how a city might respond.

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