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Welcome to the Strong Towns Knowledge Base!

At Strong Towns, we get a lot of questions from our readers who want to make their cities or towns stronger. And understandably so: from reading the articles and listening to the podcasts, readers understand that it takes everyone to make the Strong Towns approach real and, therefore, seek insights on how they can apply Strong Towns concepts to local issues. 

That's why we created the Strong Towns Knowledge Base: a new Strong Towns platform dedicated to giving everyone—from citizen to leaders, professionals to neighbors, and everyone in between—the answers they need to take action. 

This is a new platform, therefore, we’re starting small—Version 1.0—where we’ll answer the FAQs we’ve received over the years.

Then, as we advocate at, we’ll incrementally grow the platform to achieve our long-term vision: create a platform where you can learn how to apply any Strong Towns concept to make your city or town stronger. 

However, we need your help: 

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